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Welcome to S & L Portable Sawmill LLC!

Do You Have a Need for Sawmill Services?
  • Clearing for a home site, shop or addition?
  • Blow down, storm damaged or salvage trees?
  • Selective clearing or forest management logging?
The value of your logs are often much higher than what you will get by selling to a large lumber mill.  Trucking costs and market prices combine to leave you with significantly less value than having your logs cut on-site.  Partial truck loads, mixed species loads, and short logs may or may not cover trucking costs. Before turning every log into firewood or selling to a large mill, consider cutting your saw logs into valuable lumber!

About Our Business

S &L Portable Sawmill LLC is a family owned business serving the Olympic Peninsula, and greater western Washington.   Our business location is in Port Angeles, WA but we come to you for “ON-SITE” custom cutting. Our “Local Area” is Clallam and Jefferson counties as well as the Kitsap Peninsula, but we will gladly travel farther for large cutting jobs. We use a Mobile Dimension Portable Sawmill to produce the highest quality and maximum amount of lumber from your logs.  This mill quickly and efficiently cuts large and small logs to the specific dimensions required by the customer.  We produce any dimension requested to a tolerance within 1/32nd of an inch.  Easy sawmill adjustments allow for different or unusual dimensions for perfect special order lumber.

We cut logs up to 48” diameter at the large end and up to 20’6” long. For special orders, logs up to 30’ long may be accommodated.   Any dimension from a 1/2”x1/2” trim piece up to an 8”x12” beam is possible from this mill.  Customer preferred dimensions are produced every board, every time.

Please contact us for a free “ON-SITE” estimate     and consultation.

Contact Information
Phone: 360-417-3085
Cell Phone: 360-809-0720

P.O Box 1205
Port Angeles WA 98362


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